Our annual mixed skittles tournament returns this summer, with the first game commencing on Tuesday 4th June.

Open to members and non members. Each team must play at least 2 female players in each game.

Commencing on Tuesday 4th June, games will be played on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. Each team will play once a week.

Winning team prize £500.00

Runners Up team prize £250.00

Highest individual score £50.00

Team registration £40.00 (minimum 8 players) £2.00 per week per player.

To Register, please send team names and players details to

CACSSA Skittles League Rules (The boring bits)

  1. Teams to register by 30 April 2024 with team name and at least 8 signed on players. Non refundable £40 registration fee to be included with the registration.
  2. All sides must field at least 2 ladies players in each game.
  3. Games will consist of 8 players in 2 sets of 4. Points will be awarded for each winning set and for winning the overall game. 2 points will be awarded for winning a set and 4 points for the overall game.
  4. Each player will play 8 hands of skittles.
  5. All sides will use skittles and ball provided by the Civil Service Club
  6. Extra players can be registered during the group stages, but no extra players can be signed on for the semi final and final.
  7. Sides will be drawn into 2 groups of 5 or 6 teams. The top 2 teams in each group will play in the semi final and the winners of each semi final will meet in the final.
  8. Teams will play each other twice in the group stages
  9. The highest individual score for the season will be awarded a prize of £50.
  10. Each player is to pay £2 per player per match to cover costs for stickers.
  11. No fees will be payable on the semi final and final night