Retirement of Charlie Mills

Organisations such as CACSSA can only continue to exist if members volunteer to help organise and manage the business. Here at CACSSA we are fortunate to have a great number of such people, helping, not only to run the overall Association, but also each individual Affiliated Club. One such volunteer has been Charlie Mills.

Charlie has been a member of CSSC for more than 50 years after joining in 1965 and has been a stalwart of CACSSA throughout.  From 1969-1985 he was a member of the Football Club taking on various roles during that time including Captain, Chairman of Selectors, Vice-Chairman and, eventually, Chairman.

Throughout the same period, he was also a member of the Cricket Club taking on roles such as Captain of the Colts, 1st team Captain and Treasurer. He also joined the Skittles Club soon after joining CSSC and, for many years was a member of the committee, most recently as Treasurer.

For the past 15 years Charlie has channelled his boundless energies into his various roles on the Management Committee, such as Chairman of the Finance Sub-Committee, Chairman of the Bar Sub-Committee and, for the past 8 years he has also been Vice Chairman.

He has also had a positive influence on all the sports in which he has taken part. He played over 300 games for the Football Club and 500 games for the Cricket Club; he exercised a positive influence as a Captain and Office Holder, encouraging youngsters to get involved, and helping with recruitment.

As Chairman of the Bar Sub-Committee, he has regularly negotiated deals with suppliers which have provided significant improvements on previous national deals and helped to increase revenue.

As Chairman of the Finance Sub-Committee, he introduced a budgetary management and review system which has proved invaluable in maintaining the essential financial stability of the club. He also set annual budgets and recommended a programme of funding for ‘capital’ projects to enable CACSSA to develop a strategic programme of structural improvements.

During the last few years, which has seen a large turnover of Management Committee members, he has willingly undertaken several important tasks to ensure the continued success and stability of the club, including assistance with the recruitment of a new Club Steward and new Club Manager. In the past he even stood in as Club Manager during a six-month interregnum.

Despite the number of years, he has been involved with the club, his commitment to CACSSA, and to CSSC, has never diminished. He is a natural leader with the ability to take tough decisions when necessary – a vital attribute in a multi sports environment when a balance must be struck between competing requirements from different affiliated clubs.

It is therefore with some sadness that we understand and accept Charlies wish to stand down after so many years. We wish him every success for the future, in the knowledge that he will continue to offer his support and guidance to CACSSA.